Let’s go east!

After our sabbatical in 2016, which took us around Europe, and a few years of sailing in the Thyrennian Sea we know the beautiful islands of Elba, Corse and Sardinia like our back pocket. In 2020 we want to throw off our lines again. The east is calling us, more specifically the Middle East: We would like to spend advent of 2020 in Israel. To be honest, Europe does not end on Elba. In this sense, we will finish our “Round Europe” of 2016 as a part of our route.

In April 2020 we want to set sail from Elba southward. We would very much like to explore Sicily and southern Italy, which we hardly know so far. Via Corfu and the Ionian Sea we will tour the Aegean Sea and Northern Greece, as well as the Northern Greek Islands during the summer. For that we have planned a lot of time so that we can stay where we like and, for example, visit the Athos monasteries.

As the days get shorter the course should be staked to the southeast. Over the Cyclades and – if necessary – the Turkish south coast we will be heading to to Israel. This country has been fascinating us for a long time. We’re looking forward to the vibrant life in Tel Aviv and the multicultural Jerusalem. Even though we can not cruise the Galilee Sea or the Dead Sea with our “Amazing Grace”, excursions by bus, rental car and our on-board bikes are certainly exciting enough.

However, an old controller wisdom says: „Whether the plan is well done, it will certainly tolerate changes”. We probably won’t be an exception to this rule. We will keep you updated …