The Crew

Usually there are only two people on board: Henning, the skipper, and Sylvia the helmswoman. Almost 30 years ago, we both discovered our passion for sailing, while cruising the Mediterranean. At first we took friends with us on our trips, later our children joined us. Today, all four of them have jobs or study at University, but still love to come sailing with us. We are always looking forward to these parts of our trips!

In ‘real life’, Sylvia is a professional musician, which is why we have a Violin and a Piano on board. The Amazing Grace turns into a nautical concert hall once in a while. Even though Henning was quite successful playing the Trumpet, he now only uses the foghorn as his instrument. Before end of 2019, when Henning privatized, he worked in the management of a global health care company. With these rather theoretical backgrounds all the technical details of a sailing boat are challenging for us. However we live by the principle: learning by doing!

Even more than our passion for sailing it is our faith in Jesus Christ that connects us.